In its simplest form Ajiry can be defined as a; Person-2-Person, Business-2-Person, Person-2-Business connecting platform.

Ajiry is Pro-Part Time Workers PWA

Students are a very good example of the part time worker model; they are studying hard to grow and learn into their chosen career and yet they still need to earn money along the way. As they study they can easily earn money from providing some of the below services part time as an example;

  • - Cultural Mentors
  • - Branding & Marketing
  • - Seasonal, Interns & Events Work
  • - Influencers, Product testers/reviewers, Content Writing
  • - Web & App Design, etc ………………

   In fact, Ajiry was designed and built on this model. Studying students working part time outside of their study hours, created the platform known as Ajiry.
Contract and Temporary work – Consultants, Security, Trainers, Domestic Services, Auditors etc this is another good example where Ajiry can connect best in field workers with potential hiring bodies. Emergency Situations – Those times when you need a Plumber, Electrician, Locksmith, Mechanic etc no need to panic Ajiry is here for you.
Motivational Speaker, Mentoring & Coaching - Ajiry offers the platform for field experts to offer their services across many different fields; Education, Life Coaches, Business & Life Mentors, Driving, Fitness, the list goes on and on………..
Executive Services – Guest Speakers, Advisory Board Members, Agents, Executive Coach/Mentor, Auditors, Life Coach, BD Advisors, Consultants and Specialized Services.
At its core Ajiry is considerate to its users and was created by the very people Ajiry is for. “Ajiry is quick and convenient ensuring you save on the most value commodity in the world; your time”.
Ajiry is Market realistic - Not every person trying to provide in the daily grind of life has a fancy computer or smart device, as such we designed Ajiry to be all inclusive.
Ajiry has been built around a PWA model, PWA allows our users to use less personal phone/Wi-Fi data bundles and less storage on their devices. In fact, you don’t even need a device, you can easily and safely use Ajiry via Cyber cafes or even community shared smart devices. Ajiry being based on PWA means you don’t need to download as an app. You simply web search Ajiry and you begin.
Faster than the rest - There is no waiting for quotes, feedback or middle man type sites, you simply select the service or skill you require and then Ajiry connects you directly to the person providing those services
We don’t make middle person/site fees from the people providing or hiring the service; As we set out on this journey we asked ourselves, why do corporate websites want to take a cut of the end users hard work? We decided we didn’t want to be like the rest and decided to create connecting platform instead, where the hirer and provider can talk direct without incurring a middle body fee.