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Properties Officer at Tuskys

Mutava Nicodemus

Nairobi, Kenya

2 months ago

Job Description

Purpose : Generally oversee the management, operations, and specialty leasing, marketing and financial aspects of all malls occupied by the business. This position calls for an individual with the ability to work collaboratively with on-site personnel, property managers and landlords. Other important factors for success include identifying and deploying best practices, as well as the ability to manage and perform to the best interest of the business. Key Duties and Responsibilities Maintain safety, cleanliness and integrity of all areas of buildings, systems and equipment for all property users. • Prepare team to respond in emergency and crisis situations. • Have thorough knowledge of area market including all competitive properties and area demographics. • Maintain an appropriate level of involvement in community affairs representing both the property’s interest and the interest of the business. • Enforce all tenant lease requirements. • Establish an effective working relationship with all tenants and

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities