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Senior Program Officer, Community Resources at Wikimedia Foundation



2 months ago

Job Description

The Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) seeks a Program Officer to support WMF’s Simple Annual Plan Grants (APG) program. The WMF has participatory funding streams in its Grants program. The Simple Annual Plan Grants Committee is a volunteer committee that makes recommendations to the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees or WMF staff on how funds should be allocated to advance the movement’s mission and vision. This Program Officer will help coordinate and support the people and processes that lead to decisions. They will work together with committee members, grant applicants and grantees, and members of the Community Resources team. In the role, this person will also contribute to the current development of a new grantmaking strategy to 1) Grow our communities of volunteers, especially in places in the world that are just coming online, 2) Empower our existing communities to be more effective in their work and 3) Ensure that community investments are made more equitably around the world. Ultimately we expect the strategy work to review and if necessary alter to the current program structures. This position may require 3-6 international trips each year.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. 5+ years experience with program and process management that preferably includes project planning, evaluation, budgeting, workflow management, contracts management, grant monitoring and reporting, and document management Experience supporting the organizational growth and development and/or volunteer engagement programs
  2. Proven ability that would translate to creating constructive partnerships with the Wikimedia community, stakeholders, and fund-seekers: skills in facilitating engaging, motivating, coordinating and supporting volunteer communities, and in negotiating the sometimes chaotic and contentious nature of free-thinking communities

Education + Experience