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Medical Specialist II- NMS



1 year ago

Job Description

Duties and responsibilities at this level will include:- (i) undertaking general diagnosis, care, treatment and rehabilitation of patients; (ii) carrying out Specialized clinical care; (iii) providing psycho-social interventions; (iv) providing clinical services to patients; (v) training, consulting and performing surgeries in various health facilities; (vi) carrying out forensic and medico-legal services; (vii) coordinating disease surveillance, prevention and control; (viii) coordinating health education and promotion; (ix) implementing health projects and programs; (x) maintaining up-to date health information systems; (xi) monitoring provision of health treatment and care; (xii) undertaking health research; and (xiii) analyzing medical reports

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Education + Experience

  1. a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M
  2. B Ch