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Procurement Officer- KIM



1 year ago

Job Description

This position is responsible for the management of procurement services of goods, services and works for the Institute as per the Institute’s procurement policies and procedures. Provide leadership in the automation of procurement process in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in liaison with ICT department. b) Ensure adherence to procurement procedures and standards through creating awareness to the users on the processes to be followed. c) Ensure availability of quality goods and services ordered and prompt delivery of the same to the user through timely processing of the requisitions placed. d) Manage an efficient supply base through open tendering and pre-qualification process for all goods & services used by the institute. e) Secretary to the procurement committee which oversees the large procurement for the institute. f) Ensure cost rationalization by carrying out price surveys to determine price trends to help suppliers’ appraisal. g) Manage supplier relationships through maintaining good communication and timely processing of payments for mutual benefit of the institute and the suppliers. h) Production of management reports to inform the management on decision making. i) Supervise and train staff in the department to enhance work efficiency. j) Advise the management on internal control to be applied in procurement to enhance efficiency.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Education + Experience

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Commerce or any other related field