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Accounts Assistant


Nairobi, Kenya

1 year ago

Job Description

Take the minutes for all Toolbox Meetings weekly as prescribed by Hsse Manager. Record and classify PIs, near misses, UCs and UBs in accordance to severity-daily –extracts from journey plans. Randomly monitor vehicle movements via trips through Obc in liaison with fleet analysis-Daily. Analyze OBC performance summary prepared by the fleet analyst to control and manage fatigue-Weekly . Prepare graphical trends monthly for good performance, show areas of improvement/violations –advice the Hsse team on trends that both positive and negative. Analyze weekly Obc data and report/send reports to your immediate supervisor for feed -back to drivers. Ensure all journey times and plans fit within duty, driving and rest hour requirements and/or local legislative driving hours (the most stringent prevailing). Coordinate with the ops team to ensure the accuracy of driver working hours and compliance with the duty, driving and rest hours as filled on JMP. Compare actual kilometers as recorded by the OBC to planned kilometers (i.e. known distances) for every journey on weekly basis. Record all reported traffic offences by drivers for which they may have been warned, cited or penalized by authorized traffic police , analyze and the information for driver improvement. Record all public complaints and use information to influence driver performance. Keep records of all unsafe acts/behaviors recorded/reported by drivers while on duty. Prepare monthly summaries of same. Follow up on records for PPE issued to company staff in liaison with the stores/maintenance team- ensure the records for issuance are updated. Keep dashboard for all safe to load check lists of trucks as per maintenance records. Keep dash board for double handrails/guards on all trucks. Analyze monthly break downs, give trends and interpretations for actions taken to avert break downs.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. Good computer skills with a knowledge of common bookkeeping and spreadsheet programs
  2. Math skills
  3. Teamwork skills
  4. Strong written and verbal communication skills

Education + Experience

  1. Any relevant Accounts COURSE