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Nairobi, Kenya

1 year ago

Job Description

Ensuring the fleet gets daily orders as per the contractual agreement. Escalate information to your supervisor on vehicles that are not receiving daily orders (both vivo, local and export) and giving action points Liaise with drivers to ensure that all invoices for deliveries made are brought back to the office for invoicing in time based on actual applicability. Ensure that the daily monitoring maps are printed and duly signed. Errors, violations and inconsistencies regarding trips must be highlighted in relation to a proactive journey plan. Track all missing invoices not received by the end month and report progress. Tabulate transit loss/gain per delivery/invoice or trip executed on daily basis. Keep daily loadings schedule and in-transit movement reports. Ensure consignment books are properly filled by drivers and endorsed by the customer upon delivery. Update PIs and escalate to HSSE Manager for action. Assist in convening of the Mondays toolbox meetings. Compile the weekly trucks performance in comparison with targets for toolbox meeting. Assist Update DOT for the weekly trips taken by Vivo. Ensure proper filling of all Vivo pre-delivery checklist and update same on the prescribed excel worksheet. Recording all trips per truck and reconciling to ensure that all deliveries and transporters copies are received from the depot. Report all discrepancies to HSSE and Logistic manager. Report all transit losses to the HSSE and logistic managers. Ensure journey management procedure is followed according to the laid down procedure. Monitor weekly and monthly truck and driver performance. Preparation on weekly target report. Review of in cab cameras for escalation.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. Good computer skills with a knowledge of common bookkeeping and spreadsheet programs
  2. Math skills
  3. Teamwork skills
  4. Strong written and verbal communication skills

Education + Experience