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Agriculture engineer


Nairobi, Kenya

1 year ago

Job Description

Increase farm production through agricultural engineering methods. Implement agricultural engineer programs to improvise quality standards in agricultural products. Design and develop farming machines, implements and equipment like conveyors and drag chains. Counsel and educate on latest farming issues and techniques. Plan, develop and initiate fertilization programs and harvesting cycles. Develop and manage irrigation processes and issues. Conduct research on latest trends in agricultural engineering and farming aspects. Interact and coordinate with farming professionals, agronomists, agricultural technicians and farmers. Ensure compliance of all national and relevant agricultural laws and guidelines.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. Problem-solving
  2. Computer skills
  3. Industry skills
  4. Pressure management
  5. Teamwork
  6. Creativity
  7. Structural analysis
  8. Communication

Education + Experience

  1. Bachelor’s degree or Diploma with relevant experience in any of the following disciplines: Agricultural engineering or any other relevant and equivalent qualification from a recognized institution