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Nairobi, Kenya

2 years ago

Job Description

Manages general office duties to ensure company processes run smoothly. Assists with director duties and corresponds with clients, customers, and vendors.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. To oversee reception and to ensure control of telephone calls, stationery, etc
  2. To ensure the controls of operation of office machines, e
  3. g
  4. , photocopier
  5. Receiving and directing visitors
  6. Receive and dispatch mail to the appropriate person/department
  7. Cleaning of the offices and ensuring that the cleanliness is maintained
  8. Ensure that Directors offices are always locked in their absence
  9. Be custodian of office keys
  10. To assist in the sending and receiving of the official correspondence and filing them accordingly
  11. Receive/print and forward correspondence emails to the respective recipient
  12. Scan document for other office staff and sending them to their respective mails

Education + Experience