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Growth Manager at mTek



1 year ago

Job Description

Put in place a system for measuring, reporting, and optimizing key user growth metrics Use growth hacking techniques to improve class engagement and completion rates Should be comfortable calling up and talking to users Develop strategies and tactics to get the word out about mTek and drive qualified traffic to our app Ensure tests get up and running, and willing and able to help product and marketing team interpret results and present them to management without bias Assist in deploying successful marketing campaigns

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. Comfortable with big data: to prepare a growth hacking plan, you must be comfortable with existing data
  2. The existing data only tells what the current trend is, and which ideas are working and which are not The decision should not be data-driven always: although as a growth manager you must take decisions on the basis of data, complete reliance on data is not advisable
  3. Take decisions on a case by case basis
  4. Think like an end-user: A growth manager must know the customer’s intention
  5. – Analytical skills: Ask questions about the product Build hypothesis
  6. Analyze the product
  7. Take a decision
  8. A great growth manager comes from different backgrounds: Having mixed skills of coding or engineering and marketing

Education + Experience