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1 year ago

Job Description

We are searching for a driven and detail-oriented travel planner to join our fantastic agency. As a travel planner, you will deal directly with clients, booking hotels, flights, and excursions, and arranging suitable transportation for them. You should adopt a customer-centric approach and be willing to answer all questions and queries in a professional manner.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. Report the depot/border at 7
  2. 00 am (official time) each morning, this may change due to demand on scheduling plans
  3. Departure from depot/border shall always be dictated by the days’ schedule plans (leave after clearing all deliverables)
  4. Taking roll call of all trucks that are presented to the depot/border each morning and sharing/presenting same the schedulers and Dakawou accounts supervisor(s), report all trucks/drivers that have not reported on time and keeping dashboard for drivers/Trucks
  5. Be the link person at the depot/border on vehicle inspections (daily inspections)
  6. Participate in PPE compliance checks on drivers
  7. Coordinate closely and diligently daily schedules of orders for use during the JMP Process at the depot
  8. Participate in supervising weighing trucks at the weighbridges
  9. Participate in the verification of ullage measurements of trucks, product sampling including following up on lab analysis reports where applicable
  10. Fill journey plans and review of the same with drivers’ before and after loading/offloading (highlight route hazards, time frame, rest points, overnight areas, destination, Black spots areas on JMP etc for all trips/journeys
  11. Fill in all data as specified by the route planning sheet before the trip
  12. Ensure correctness of loading plan go in tandem with driving / safe offloading plan (filling safely to load checklist daily/Daily checklist
  13. Ensure PIs, near misses, UBs, UCs are written on trips before plucking off the sheets
  14. Check compliance of journeys – use compliance checklist already provides to you and give to Vivo rep
  15. to sign
  16. Follow up delivery notes and or GRNs for products returned in the depot(s)
  17. Participate in all toolbox meetings every Monday or as planned with the drivers
  18. Review of in-cab cameras and escalate to supervisors
  19. Follow up on any other business as assigned by your supervisor

Education + Experience