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1 year ago

Job Description

Ability to supply administrative support to accountants by performing clerical tasks such as filing, handling mail, making phone calls, replying to emails, and basic bookkeeping.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. Receiving documents from logistic supervisors and ensuring that the received documents are correctly booked, dated, and signed by both the person issuing and receiving the documents
  2. Raising of mileage requisition for the driver against the delivery document produced by the driver Ensuring that all deliveries are booked in the SAP system accurately and safely filled
  3. Ensure all documents received from the account manager in charge have accurate information necessary for invoicing
  4. • Billing of the sub-contractor the mileage issued against his/her truck in SAP
  5. Handover all delivery notes/invoices to the accountant for invoicing before the due dates, as per the attached schedule
  6. Ensure that all new business documents are taken to the accounts receivable accountant on time for invoicing
  7. Ensure proper filing of copies of delivery documents
  8. Any other tasks as may be delegated

Education + Experience