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1 year ago

Job Description

They will be responsible for the maintenance, configuration, and reliable operation of computer systems and servers. Actively resolve problems and issues with computer and server systems to limit work disruptions within the company.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. Ensure the efficient operation of the computer network and plan for its future development
  2. Oversee and prioritize maintenance of Computer Network, hardware and software; diagnose and repair equipment and network problems; work with outside vendors for major repairs
  3. Manage regular upgrades of hardware and software in the office; evaluate and recommend hardware and software purchases and configurations
  4. Install, maintain, administer, monitor, upgrade, diagnose, and troubleshoot Windows 2008/2012 servers
  5. Ensure functionality and documentation of network configurations
  6. Proactively develop, implement and review network security mechanisms to protect network against unauthorized intrusion
  7. Develop, implement and support data protection mechanisms
  8. Seek feasible connectivity solutions to provide easier/faster access to network resources for remote/traveling staff members
  9. Seek, develop and maintain automated solutions to improve specific office functions
  10. Streamline and manage data-entry operations and provide effective access and use of data
  11. Provide regular in-house training to users
  12. Ensuring Daily System Backup
  13. Observe integrity with all sensitive system information and consult management before making any changes

Education + Experience