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9 months ago

Job Description

The House Manager will actively participate in the recovery and healing process of the survivors, maintaining a safe, organized, and clean space for them in the house. She will be responsible for the well-being of the people living in the house, keeping rules and harmony, as well as all the coordination needed such as shopping, food, bill management, and basic needs. She will coordinate the in-house activities and work for hand in hand with the Social Worker.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. Receive and welcome the women who will live in the house
  2. Guide the new people throughout the rules and regulations of the home
  3. Be in charge of the purchase of goods for the house
  4. Coordinate house chores with the women living in the house
  5. Keep records, invoices and accounting of all the purchases
  6. Organize weekly and monthly budgets with the assistance of the Project Officer
  7. Ensure a peaceful and good environment in the house
  8. Attend the beneficiaries' needs and support them as much as possible
  9. Coordinate activities with the Social Worker
  10. Coordinate and update the rest of the team through weekly or monthly meetings
  11. Keep well informed about any issue or problem that might arise in the house and communicate to the rest of the team
  12. Identify needs and opportunities
  13. Attend training organized by the NGO

Education + Experience

  1. Proven experience managing a social house (children home, other shelters
  2. ) Knowledge of Gender Issues and GBV
  3. Very sensitive, patient and flexible
  4. Open minded and very proactive
  5. High levels of responsibility, transparency and commitment
  6. Share the mission and vision of SGSG and have the same perception of gender equality
  7. Fluent in English and Swahili, both oral and written
  8. To be able to perform any other duty assigned
  9. Desirable: Knowledge in Somali language Knowledge about FGM and Early Forced Marriages