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Security Guard/ Officer - New

Tribus-TSG Limited


8 months ago

Job Description

We seek to recruit a team of skilled security guards who shall be to perform the following tasks: Vehicle and pedestrian patrol to all assigned areas. Conduct regular rounds within the site to detect any criminal or suspicious activity. Preserve order and protect client’s property and ensure that appropriate entries are made in the Post Log/ Observation Book (OB). Contact relevant personnel in case of emergencies that is fire, break-ins, unauthorized personnel. Monitor security systems that is; alarms, metal detectors, entry/exit points and respond to any alarms as well as investigate any disturbances. Write and submit incidents reports to immediate Supervisors. Ensure that any and all physical security issues and treats are reported immediately to the Security manager. Conduct routine patrols and inspect the inside perimeter wall/ fence and report of any security breaches or exposures that may provide unwarranted access to the compound. Give support to customers and staff.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. 2 years’ experience in a relevant field
  2. A valid certificate of good conduct/ Police Clearance
  3. Has no criminal record
  4. Aged 25-35 years
  5. Physically fit and of sound mind
  6. At least 5’5 tall for females and 5’7 for males
  7. Good communication skills

Education + Experience

  1. Certificate or diploma in security management or related field
  2. Holds at least a Kenya Certificate in Secondary Education – Mean Grade D