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5 months ago

Job Description

The Fleet Analyst is responsible for performing research and analytical work for Fleet Services Department, particularly in the areas of cost management, vehicle replacement schedules, performance benchmarking, action plan tracking, and staffing requirements.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. Plan and schedule journeys with drivers before departures on each trip using the predetermined safe route
  2. Analyze OBC reports and initiate drivers’ safety awareness in relation to journey management by articulating working hours, duty hours, driving hours, continuous driving guidance, speed restrictions, rest areas, black spot areas, no go zones, and night driving restrictions and show misuse/violations by the driver
  3. For VIVO, ORYX, KOKO, EAGOL (Both local and export)
  4. Ensure driver offloaded at the expected customer site as per journey plan and OBC monitoring
  5. Review and validate journeys with drivers after each trip, tap areas of improvement
  6. Assist and supervise the drivers in filling the journey plan and adherence thereto
  7. Filing of journey plans, gate passes issued to delivery trucks
  8. Compare the actual distance covered against OBC readings and report variances beyond the acceptable margins
  9. Log driver violations in a daily violation log
  10. Ensure drivers use authorized rest places
  11. Monitor compliance with duty, driving and rest hours
  12. Track driver and vehicle locations and routes using the applicable software
  13. Review of camera video output and report on driver safety behaviors with driver management
  14. Escalate any dysfunctional gadgets (cameras and obc devices) to the logistics coordinator

Education + Experience