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Back-end Developer Software engineering



4 months ago

Job Description

Key duties and responsibilities: Building and maintaining web applications Assessing the efficiency and speed of current applications Writing high-quality code and adhering to our Software Development principles Performing code reviews Troubleshooting and debugging Keeping on top of new technologies Contributing to discussion on product and code architecture Technical Skill Set: ✔ Proficiency in Python 3,, including Django, the Django-rest framework, FastAPI, and Flask ✔ Must have knowledge of SDLC ✔ Knowledge of scaling applications to handle the load changes and a large amount of data traffic ✔ Knowledge of accessibility and security compliances ✔ Knowledge of version control such as Git and GitHub ✔ Knowledge of common testing frameworks (Linear Scripting, Data-Driven, Keyword-Driven, Table-Driven, etc.) ✔ Knowledge of deploying and hosting on cloud solutions via AWS ✔ Good knowledge of user data security best practices ✔ Knowledge how to avoid race conditions is a plus What you will bring to Untapped: ✔ Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering, or equivalent work experience ✔ 3+ years’ experience as a back-end or full-stack developer building web applications ✔ Experience leading and managing teams of developers To Apply:

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