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Digital Content Marketer



4 months ago

Job Description

You’ll schedule and manage timelines for content production and deliverables. You’ll be proactive about creating content around relevant events. Production You’ll produce and publish relevant content across different Eden platforms; Web, Social, and Email You’ll work with teams to produce content across various formats; Video, Photography, Audio, etc You’ll continue to push the boundaries of experimentation and what is possible with content. Come with your best ideas, and we’ll create a place where executing it and aligning them with business goals is possible. Data Reporting and Analysis You’ll be paying close attention to the metrics that matter to you, and have them at your fingertips every time. You’ll write a weekly report on the content you’re creating, how it performed, what you learned, and what you’ll be doing in the following week. You’ll pay close attention to the numbers, understand what it means, and draw actionable insights from them.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. You care deeply about storytelling and are enthusiastic about understanding its fundamentals and trying new methods
  2. You have an understanding of digital trends, and how they work, and how they change fast
  3. You work effectively in a fast-paced and ambitious early-stage team
  4. You have a very experimental mindset and understand that the work is never truly in its final form
  5. You are result-oriented
  6. After all, while content isn't just good because it's pretty, it's great because it produces some results that data can show us
  7. You might not have any relevant institutional education, but you have real-world experience working in content teams and taking ownership of the quality of your work
  8. You understand that excellent content is discoverable and understand the importance of search optimization
  9. You know that good content is engaging; because it pulls the consumer in
  10. You know that good content drives action (sharing, sign-ups, comments, etc

Education + Experience

  1. You understand the principles of cinematography and editing Photography skills is not a requirement, but it's a huge plus You’re an excellent writer
  2. If you don’t feel excellent (enough), don’t let it stop you from applying
  3. Technical You have proven experience shooting and editing digitally native content
  4. You're solid in digital post-production tools, like Adobe Suite, Frame
  5. io, etc
  6. You’re format-agnostic because you understand that content is not about the format in which it’s delivered – text, video, audio, or social – it’s about function and its effectiveness
  7. You will be working across various formats