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Program Manager



4 months ago

Job Description

The job of a Program Manager is one that usually takes place in a standard office setting and involves the use of necessary office equipment to carry out assigned tasks and duties, it may also require traveling in some aspects. Therefore a Program Manager should be able to perform the following functions to see to the successful completion of assigned tasks. Ensure proper planning and design of all program activities, timely reporting, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of program activities is carried out according to the agreed program work plan timelines. Ensure proper bookkeeping, accounting and financial reporting against the agreed and approved annual operational budgets Facilitate and ensure effective communication amongst functional bodies within the organization i.e between the Governing Body (Board), Head of Programs, staff, development partners, donors and ensure information and directives being passed down are diligently carried out. Coordination of activities done jointly by HoH staff and parent association members Regularly develop the capacity of staff at HoH Nairobi, monitor and evaluate their progress. Keep ongoing communication with the CHI Country Representative and the SHAK Nairobi Head of programs Ensure proper and timely reporting to the SHAK Nairobi Head of Programs, the CHI Country Representative and other partners. Prepare timely reports to donors according to donor requirements and guidlines. Office Administration and Management: Oversee the daily operations and proper implementation of the HoH program activities. Provide proper documentation on key aspects of the program while focusing on planning and coordinating a set of specific goals and objectives to meet favorable program outputs and outcomes Ensure the program idea is well articulated in line with the organizational vision, mission, objectives and core values.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. An understanding of Spina bifida and Hydrocephalus including the preventive measures in place, care and interventions involved
  2. Good leadership skills are required to carry out this role efficiently and effectively
  3. A Program Manager must be able to show his/her ability when it comes to managing people especially when working with volunteers
  4. Effective communication with a good command of oral and written English language including interpersonal relations are very crucial skills for a prospective Program Manager to have
  5. Good knowledge of program management and implementation methodologies Ability to find solutions to problems and manage conflicts
  6. Ability to manage time effectively and meet set timelines
  7. Ability to mobilize resources on behalf of the program
  8. Ability to multi-task and take initiative for the program activities
  9. Good analytical skills are key in order to solve daily work issues
  10. Ability to work in a Must be a team player
  11. Knowledge and experience of community development programming
  12. Knowledge and Experience of disability management Excellent reporting skills Good expertise in ICT, Microsoft Office with skills on G-Suite

Education + Experience