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Raino Tech4Impact Operations Lead - Western Region


Western Region

3 months ago

Job Description

About the Operations Lead position We are looking for an experienced Operations Lead to help us with planning, directing and coordinating our company’s operations. Your responsibilities will include improving efficiency, performance, productivity and profitability using effective approach and tactics. The Operations Lead will be involved in the Value Addition of fish. Besides, you will lead a team of operations Assistants and will directly report to the Operations Director Operations Lead responsibilities are:. Monitor company's operations and analyze their metrics, such as: cost effectiveness, time, correctness and so on Assist in manpower planning and managing of processing personnel Update on the processing schedules, timesheets and status of processing activity Upkeep of the processing area to ensure cleanliness and safety at all times Schedule routine inspection and maintenance of processing equipment to prevent equipment breakdowns and malfunctioning assure ongoing compliance with quality through standard operating procedures and industry regulatory requirements specify quality requirements of fresh products with suppliers through scorecard rating. Investigating and setting standards for quality, health and safety Encouraging change and improvement in performance and quality Create reports documenting quality errors and issues and CAP Ensure safety measures and procedures are followed to reduce unexpected incidents and hazards Train new and existing staff on occupational, health and safety measure Review and optimize existing operational systems, processes and best practices

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