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Raino Tech4Impact Business Development Manager



3 months ago

Job Description

About the Business Development Manager position We are seeking a suitable qualified and experienced Business Development Manager who is dedicated within the FMCG Industry. You will assist in developing the growth of the business by implementing new and effective strategies. Also, you should have the dedication to create and apply effective sales strategies.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. Developing strategies relating to customer satisfaction and growth within the financial sector of the company Conducting researches to fulfil customers’ needs and to also identify new markets Develop a lean scaling strategy that will optimize use of resources and maximize sales revenue Lead the sales planning, development, deployment and achievement of planned targets
  2. Developing and implementing sales strategies for accelerating growth with sustained profitability in line with Annual Business Plan (ABP)
  3. Analyze sales and stock availability, monitor secondary and tertiary sales on a weekly/fortnightly basis
  4. Motivate, direct and coach business development teams to ensure adequate coverage, improved distribution depth and good visibility

Education + Experience

  1. TO APPLY: https://keep-it-cool
  2. breezy