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Job Description

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is the leading global environmental authority that sets the global environmental agenda, promotes the coherent implementation of the environmental dimension of sustainable development within the United Nations system and serves as an authoritative advocate for the global environment. UNEP's Corporate Services Division (CSD) is the guardian of UNEP's corporate interest, mitigating its exposure to risk and supporting the organization with management tools, plans and related capacity building. It oversees UNEP's efficient and effective management, in line with UNEP's accountability requirements, rules, regulations and UN core values. This position is located in the Public Sector Partnership and Resource Mobilization Unit, Corporate Services Division at the Nairobi duty station. Under the supervision of the Senior Programme Management Officer and Head of the Public Sector Partnerships and Resource Mobilization Unit of the Corporate Services Division, the incumbent will perform the following duties and responsibilities:

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. • Researches a broad scope of information sources, printed and electronic; compiles and presents information, and proposes new material for use in the preparation and production of communications products/services for internal and external audiences, including UNEP external web and intranet
  2. • Provides technical support with UNEP external web and Intranet on resource mobilization, including supporting creation of new sections when needed, updating designs, ensuring that the web- and intranet sites are updated with latest information and documents are uploaded, research for design ideas and information
  3. Compiles statistics of views of web and intranet pages related to resource mobilization
  4. • Assists with social media outreach – creates schedules, ensures preparation of messages, liaises with other Divisions, and monitors release of social media messaging
  5. Compiles statistics of reach of social media products related to resource mobilization
  6. • Participates in production of outreach materials including planning and execution of video production, creating, designing and updating newsletters, fact sheets, presentations, financial graphics
  7. • Creates and maintains repository of all outreach and communication materials as well as information and sources used for products on the web, social media and in printed materials, including results delivered using core funding
  8. Ensures compliance with copyright requirements
  9. • Monitors key UNEP products, e
  10. g
  11. , Annual Report and Programme Performance Reports, web and social media production by UNEP HQ and Regional Offices related to key contributors
  12. Regularly keeps Regional Office information officers updated on status of key contributors, supporting their work on increasing the visibility and appreciation of these countries through their channels
  13. • Provides technical support in creation and dissemination of online surveys, and in analysis/statistics of responses

Education + Experience

  1. A minimum of seven (7) years of relevant work experience, including in public information and/or communication is required
  2. Work experience managing and updating internal and external webpages is required Work experience in the production of visual designs, financial graphs, or the creation and update of newsletters and factsheets is desirable
  3. Work experience in drafting and reviewing text such as articles, newsletters, factsheets and formal correspondence is desirable
  4. Work experience in managing corporate social media accounts is desirable
  5. Experience working in the United Nations system or similar organization is desirable
  6. Work experience in Information /data collection, organization and management, including creating, organizing and managing information/data repositories is desirable
  7. One (1) year or more of experience in data analytics or related area is desirable
  8. To Apply:https://careers
  9. un
  10. org/lbw/jobdetail