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Bulk Liquids and Oils Operator - Unilever



Published On: 24th, August 2023

Closes on: 10th, September 2023

Job closed

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Job Description

The Bulk Offloading Liquids Operator is responsible for checking bulk liquids levels, circulation, inspection and transfer of the chemicals, spill control, material transfer safety, offloading bays, tank farm and area workplace governance and organization.  As a core member of the operations team, the bulk liquids operator plays an important role in maintaining process safety and will identify process or line issues to leaders.

They are also responsible for the safe operation of liquid holding and transfer equipment to deliver to manufacturing areas as per the required production plan, adhering to quality standards and maximizing cost effectiveness, optimal running and equipment efficiency. 

They are also expected to carry out cleaning and inspection, troubleshooting, maintenance activities and record any issues/problems with the equipment to pass to the Technical Operator to resolve.  The Bulk liquids transfer operator should master the operation of the equipment in order to provide factory resilience.


      • Technical
      • Knowledge and application of technical skills to Operate machinery safely and effectively in order to meet the production plan.  Conduct cleaning and lubrication as required.
      • Possess a basic knowledge of the principles of mechanism, motion and pneumatics.
      • Maintain machinery to the prescribed standards and levels of cleanliness. 
      • Understand properties of materials being handled.  Able to perform correct adjustment and setting.
      • Proactively work with Professional Maintenance and Quality Control staff to achieve zero breakdowns and zero defects.
      • Carry out line changeovers/washouts to maintain quality standards whilst minimizing the impact to the production plan.
      • Safety –Utilize all appropriate safety and environmental procedures relating to the Sourcing Unit and allocated equipment to ensure a safe working environment for the whole team.  Understand the legal responsibility placed upon individuals.  Ensure that spills are prevented and if otherwise all spills are handled in an appropriate manner in order to minimize the environmental impact and rectify the damage done to the environment if any. Ensure that all bunded areas are cleaned and free of any accumulation of raw material, water or a mix of both.
      • Workplace Hazards - Full knowledge of the workplace and hazards within it.  Utilize all appropriate safety and environmental procedures for people, processes, materials, products and equipment relevant to the task.
      • Environment - Reduce costs due to waste (spillages) and minimize impact to health, safety and the environment through working to eliminate waste and through the correct handling of waste and hazardous materials.  Must actively contribute to an eco-efficient environment.
      • Quality Checks and Assessments. Carry out truck inspection and sampling for analysis and escalation of any non-conformances to leaders for action. Monitoring and Quality assurance tasks require an adequate level of sight and smell.
      • Continuous Improvement – Knowledge and understanding of the key principles of UMS and an awareness of the tools used to identify and prioritise losses in the production area and eliminate them; role requires data. Monitor measures and performance after initial improvements and take further action as required.
      • Start-Up/Shutdown procedures - Carries out pre-start-up checks and post maintenance checks to ensure that the area and equipment is clean and is in a safe condition as per the SOP.  Shutting down equipment and the area as per the SOP.
      • Cleaning –Performs initial inspection and cleaning as per SOPs.  Will alert team leaders to potential sources of contamination, spillage and dirt identified in inaccessible places.
      • Material Availability –Taking daily dips and recording bulk liquid stocks, offloading of bulk liquids and provision of continuous supply of bulk liquids from storage areas to demarcated storage areas as per existing 5S standards. 
      • Administration – Conducts effective hand-over activities and accurately records events that have occurred during shift (daily stocks, environmental near miss and incidents etc.).
      • Communication – Can adequately communicate issues relating to safety and can provide operational observations and inputs to support decision makers by team leaders.
      • Physical Ability – Machine Operators require a level of agility to move quickly between workstations, ascend and descend steps.  Assembly and control operations also require a level of hand eye coordination and finger dexterity. 
      • Problem Solving – A Working Knowledge of how to identify, prioritise and address problems using appropriate tools and techniques that eliminate recurrence.  Must demonstrate initiative.
      • Decision Making -   Can make decisions to reject non-compliant material and to support the work plan for the day.
      • Teamwork – Must be a good team player capable of working within a highly effective team; responsible, supportive and able communicator.



      • Must be flexible within pattern of shift work to accommodate factory shutdowns, training courses etc.

    Professional Qualifications:

      • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or relevant field

    Experience Required:

      • Proven experience of at least 2 years as a machine operator, preferably in bulk liquids offloading or similar industries
      • Strong mechanical aptitude and understanding of machinery operation
      • Applicant must be a committed team worker with a strong sense of responsibility and good attention to detail.  Effective communication skills and an agile mind are essential.


      • Experience of manufacturing in a Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Company is desirable but not essential.

    IT Skills – competent in the use of Microsoft Office; Excel and Word programmes is preferred.

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